ZKTeco Laser 1D Barcode Scanner ZK B104 wireless

ZKTeco Laser 1D Barcode Scanner ZK B104

Model Name ZKB104
Dimensions 175mm × 72mm × 100mm
Weight About 210g (without wire)
Cable Length 1.8m
Interface Type USB (standard) 2.4G
Material ABS+PC
Color Black
User indicators LED, buzzer
Scanning Performance  
Light source Linear CCD Sensor
Processor ARM32-bit
Startup time 4s
Analytical ability 1D: ≥4mil/0.1mm(PCS90%,CODE 39)
Depth of focus 50mm~500mm
Scanning mode Manual scanning, automatic scanning
Reading angle Roll: ±30°; Pitch: ±60° (or greater); Yaw: ±60°test
Power 85mA , 5V DC
Wireless standard 2.4GHz (IMS)
Transmission distance 150m (Outdoor open environment)
Storage capacity 100000 commodity codes (16MB)
Battery capacity 1600mAh
Battery charging time About 5 hours
Continuous working hours ≥20hours
Operating Temp. -20°C to 50°C
Storage Temp -40°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity 5% to 95% (non-condensing)