Time Attendance Devices

– Multi-Biometric ID

– Access Control Devices

– Controlled Access Doors

– Barrier Gates

Time and Attendance systems (TNA) have come a long way since the first punch clock. You need a simple way for employees to let your company know when they start and finish their work shifts.

So what tends to happen? Employees forget their cards. Or their passwords. I also have fond memories of a time and attendance machine with codes. Lots of them! As in, no one could remember which code to use. Cards can also be misplaced or fall into the wrong hands.

The upside is that your workers don’t have to leave their biometric details.

Privacy questions, hacker scandals, and worker’s individual rights are hot topics.

They’re worth discussing and deciding about. If you’re going down the biometric route, make sure to involve your staff before you make any decisions.